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Why Is Heart Failure Rising?..

Date: November 8, 2019 | Time: 9:24am | Posted By: Dr. Jay Cullinane

The latest data for heart disease has both good news and bad news.Between 2011 and 2017, the number of deaths from coronary heart disease decreased 14.9%. Coronary heart disease is the type of heart disease in which plaques block the arteries around the heart and cut off the blood flow to the heart. This is commonly known as a heart attack. It is quite common to hear how statin drugs that are used to lower cholesterol are the main reason.... <view entire article>

Don't Take Daily Low Dose Aspirin If You Have Not Had Heart Disease..

Date: October 11, 2019 | Time: 2:03pm | Posted By: Dr. Jay Cullinane

According to the most recent data available in 2019, heart disease is still the #1 cause of death for men and women in the United States. 28.2 million people (11.5 % of adults) have been diagnosed with heart disease. It accounted for 647,457 deaths in the last year that data was available for.Heart disease is primarily a disease of chronic inflammation. That inflammation oxidizes cholesterol. It is the oxidized cholesterol that builds up in the artery walls around the heart.... <view entire article>