Trans Fats

"Zero grams of Trans Fat" guarantees the presence of trans fat.

All hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils contain trans fat. There is no safe level for trans fat consumption. Government regulations may claim otherwise, but, food manufacturers lobby the government for their interests, not yours.

Trans fats are in food products because they extend the products’ shelf life. They replace the natural, healthy unsaturated fats in foods that would go rancid quickly and spoil the food.

Food manufactures can make one of two claims about the trans fat content of their products, no trans fat or zero grams of trans fat.

Only a product that contains no trans fat can claim to have no trans fat.

Under the current labeling laws, food manufacturers are allowed to round off the grams of a nutrient per serving to the nearest whole number. Food manufacturers use this rounding off to deceive you. If they were required to round off to the nearest 1/100 gram, the product that claims to have 0 grams trans fat would be listed as having between .01 and .49 grams of trans fat per serving.

So, what percentage of your 0 gram trans fat product is actually trans fat?

Serving Size
.01 g Trans Fat .49 g Trans Fat
10 0.10% 4.90%
12 0.08% 4.08%
14 0.07% 3.50%
16 0.06% 3.06%
18 0.06% 2.72%
20 0.05% 2.45%
22 0.05% 2.23%
24 0.04% 2.04%
26 0.04% 1.88%
28 0.04% 1.75%
30 0.03% 1.63%

Since trans fats have received enough bad publicity, food manufacturers will be replacing partially hydrogenated oils with some other form of altered oil. Any altered oil will be harmful to your health.