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Dairy Fat Does Not Cause Heart Disease Or Stroke..

Date: August 15, 2018 | Time: 7:47am | Posted By: Jay Cullinane

For decades, medical science has been advising people to reduce the saturated fat in their diet to reduce their risk of heart attacks, stroke and overall mortality. Normal fat dairy products were on the hit list because of the saturated fat content. The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends consuming only fat-free or low-fat dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt.In the 1940s and 1950s, the quest was on to find the cause of heart disease due to the.... <view entire article>

Nuts Can Help Make Healthy Sperm..

Date: July 17, 2018 | Time: 11:19am | Posted By: Jay Cullinane

That's tree nuts, not some slang term.Infertility has been increasing worldwide for decades. Most attention has been paid to female infertility. But, it takes two to tango. Male infertility is also a major issue. A major analysis in 2017 found sperm counts of 40,000 men (all healthy and apparently fertile) from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand dropped by 50 to 60% between 1973 and 2011.Pollution, smoking and the Western diet have all been suggested as culprits in this.... <view entire article>

Eggs May Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease And Stroke..

Date: June 20, 2018 | Time: 1:43pm | Posted By: Jay Cullinane

In a study published in May 2018, over 400,000 Chinese were followed for just under nine years. 13.1% of the people in the study reported eating an egg daily, actually an average of 0.76 eggs per day. 9.1% reported never or rarely eating eggs per day. The usual amount in this group was actually 0.26 eggs per day.The people who ate eggs daily had a 26% lower risk of hemorrhagic stroke and a 28% lower risk of dying from hemorrhagic.... <view entire article>